Soil-Tech is the premier habitat restoration provider in the Mojave Desert, and a leader in developing products and services designed to balance development with the natural environment

In 1990, Las Vegas-based Soil-Tech saw the need for construction and development industries to start doing their part to preserve and restore the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert. Since that time, Soil-Tech has expanded its scope of services to support restoration projects across the Western U.S. Soil-Tech is the largest Mojave Desert restoration contractor in the world, and continues to apply its expertise in restoring native environments to Sonoran Desert, Great Basin, Sierra Mountain, and other habitats.

With the goal of "Balancing Construction with Nature", the company boasts advanced techniques in soil stabilization, water conservation, erosion control, revegetation, hydroseeding, fencing and other restoration focused services. A pioneer in the green movement (before it was even much of a movement), Soil-Tech has been instrumental in helping Clark County companies stay in compliance with EPA air quality regulations by providing ecologically friendly development alternatives.

Soil-Tech supports a variety of industries in their efforts to mitigate damage to the environment. Companies in residential development, golf course development, mining, pipeline construction, transmission line construction, alternative energy, oil & gas, highway construction, and federal, state, and local agencies all rely on Soil-Tech to protect and restore the native environment.