Desert Restoration

If you are looking for expert desert restoration solutions, Soil-Tech should be your go-to choice. Soil-Tech has been helping clients in the department of environmental services for just under two decades; and we are proud to announce that our dedication to excellent service has helped make us an industry leader in the greater southwest region of the United States.

Soil-Tech's Numerous Services

Soil-Tech is proud to offer a number of services, and desert restoration is just one of our many specialties. Some of the other services we offer include erosion control (dust, wind, water), revegetation, rock stain, and native restoration services.

desert at sunset

As a company, we exist to provide you with an affordable, dependable desert restoration service that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Moreover, we happily complete these projects according to Environmental Protection Agency standards and Nevada state requirements. Our ultimate goal is to balance construction with environmental consciousness. Contact the specialists at Soil-Tech today, and let us show you how to properly and effectively manage your land reclamation projects. We can’t wait to start building with you! (702) 873-2023