Rock Stain

Soil-Tech is a proud provider of color mitigation services, exclusively using Permeon™. For rock stain that helps you get your projects done right, Permeon™ is the way to go. It was developed by a team of top scientists in the southwest to drastically lessen civilization's impact on the delicate desert environment in which we live.

rock staining

Why Choose Permeon?

Permeon™ is an important tool in our ongoing commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. With the stress on "going green" ever present, we at Soil-Tech have pledged to take all appropriate measures to preserve our precious planet.

Permeon™ is a widely used desert varnish product designed for a variety of projects. It can be used for larger projects such as the Hoover Dam By-Pass, or projects as small as residential and commercial landscaping jobs. Wherever a developer is seeking to mitigate the impact of their particular projects utilizing rock stain, Soil-Tech will be there waiting with Permeon™.

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