Soil Stabilization

Soil-Tech came into the picture of the land restoration industry nearly two decades ago; and since then, we have proudly positioned ourselves as the leader in soil stabilization and land restoration solutions for the greater southwest region of the United States.

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Our Variety of Services

Our full variety of products and services that we provide to the construction industry is geared toward making sure your finished site meets Environmental Protection Agency standards and guidelines, as well as Nevada state requirements. Our soil, cement, and dust control services provided by our Soil-Tech Soil Mitigation division; rock scar treatment with our patented Permeon™ simulated desert patina varnish; and plant salvage and native reclamation through our Native Resources Division all work to help you restore the land you use to its natural state.

Soil-Tech is the top pick for soil stabilization and land restoration solutions that balance the delicate nature of the planet with land development. We will assist you in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. Contact the experts at Soil-Tech today and allow us to help you through your next project. (702) 873-2023