Our Philosophy

Our primary goal at Soil-Tech is to work as part of a team that grows the economy while it sustains the environment. Soil-Tech was born in the construction industry and expanded to provide the specialized services that help builders balance construction with nature. We understand the practical intricacies of construction and the ecological complexities of restoration contracting. We make projects possible by letting builders rely on us to fulfill their permitting responsibilities. Our capability extends to any type of disturbance and includes protecting air quality, water quality, visual impacts, vegetation and habitats. We are a complete solution provider. Soil-Tech has completed some of the largest restoration projects in the western United States, including projects in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado.


Constantly striving to improve results through new technologies


Put our 22 years of service to work for you


The depth of our resources allows us to react quickly to meet client needs