Desert Land Reclamation

Soil Tech, a Desert Restoration and Land Reclamation company, has introduced hydroseeding and revegetation with drought tolerant plants to its array of services. Both processes help restore the natural habitat in the areas affected by construction, creating sustainable environments that attract native species and preserve the beauty of the desert. How does it work?

Step 1. After a careful assessment, Soil-Tech removes healthy native plants, such as creosote, bursage, Mojave from the development site prior to construction and places them temporary in a full-scale nursery.

Step 2. Once the project is completed, Soil-Tech’s Native Resources division begins to reintroduce the plants to the area according to the specified plan. Careful re-introductions of salvaged plants strategically and sporadically planted throughout the project is required to mimic a natural undisturbed landscape. This process of revegetation may also include use of harvested topsoil and native seeding to re-establish indigenous vegetation. Once native plants and shrubs are replanted, there is minimal to no watering required.

Step 3. Some areas are repopulated with hydroseeding, a process by which seed, mulch, plant fiber, water and fertilizer are combined into a slurry and then sprayed across soil. This is an efficient and effective way to introduce the seeds of draught tolerant plants across large areas. The mixture binds to the soil and creates a protective top-coat in which moisture is retained to help the seed germinate.

The benefits of using native revegetation are both financial and environmental. The process uses the plant material that already exists on the site, eliminating the cost of new plants. It also promotes “non-irrigated landscape.” After plant material has successfully assimilated, no watering is required beyond the natural rainfall.

Soil-Tech is an environmental restoration and preservation company based in Las Vegas. Through its Color Mitigation, Dust and Erosion Control and Native Resources divisions it is able to provide complete solutions for environmentally sound construction needs of any scale. For more information, visit