Dust Control - Habitat Restoration - Native Resources

LAS VEGAS – Aug. 25 – Soil-Tech, an environmental restoration and preservation company, is ready to help companies mitigate dust control and habitat restoration issues should the new, more stringent, air quality standards reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency become law. EPA is looking to tighten the standards for the amounts of harmful particles in the air in an attempt to regulate the rising levels of dust. The action is taken in compliance with the Clean Air Act that prescribes reevaluation every five year. The question is whether EPA will choose to keep existing standards for coarse particles, known as dust, ash and chemical pollutants, or cut the currently allowed 150 micrograms per cubic meter down to 65 to 85 micrograms per cubic meter.

Soil-Tech has decades of experience with providing dust control, habitat restoration and native resources preservation services. Its suite of patented environmentally friendly products allows the company to deliver on its promises cost-effectively and at the benefit to the environment. For example, ECCO-TEX™ Soil Binder is, especially useful for non-traffic dust control needs. An organic-based mulch mixture of ground clean whole wood chips or shredded recycled paper and a 100 percent organic & biodegradable binder, it forms a crust over unstable soils when applied, preventing the emissions of dust particles into the air. It is applied using traditional hydroseeding equipment, and is one of the most popular solutions for temporary soil stabilization on vacant land and construction sites. Other techniques and products offered by Soil-Tech also ensure habitat restoration of the lands damaged by development. Its Native Resources division provides complete rehabilitation of desert ecosystems.

Soil-Tech is an environmental restoration and preservation company based in Las Vegas. Through its Color Mitigation, Dust and Erosion Control and Native Resources divisions is able to provide complete solutions for your environmentally sound construction needs. For more information, visit www.soil-tech.com.