Dust Control Is A Serious Issue

During all construction projects both large and small, dust control is a serious issue. There are stringent government guidelines because dust can be extremely detrimental to both the environment and employees on the work site. Soil-Tech, a Las Vegas based habitat restoration company, has been helping prevent and remedy issues like this for years.

As the world continues to make a trend toward more green practices, environmental responsibility is becoming more and more important. Beyond the per se laws governing the dos and don’ts of construction regulation, businesses have to understand their social responsibility. If a project causes environmental damage of any kind it will inevitably reflect poorly on the company or companies involved, and will affect their public perception and future profitability.

Dust control is just one of the many important environmental factors that construction companies need to consider, especially in the dry, windy climate of the Southwest United States. Soil-Tech has proven to be a leader in the preservation of natural desert resources by being involved in projects like the Hoover Dam Bypass, and they continue to have their hand in multiple industries and projects.