Dust Control

Environmental restoration company Soil-Tech is providing dust control and erosion control, along with other services, at the Interstate 580 project in Northern Nevada, due to open in 2011. The new highway will connect Reno and the state capital Carson City, making environmental sustainability and quality dust control while the work is in progress that more vital. With experience on other high-end projects, such as the bridge over the Hoover Dam, Soil-Tech has been chosen as partner for every stage of this construction.

During the initial phases, dust control becomes top priority. Soil-Tech keeps high traffic area dust to a minimum with its Chlor-Tex Road Binder solution, which keeps the usage of water extremely low. Then depending on the area and the long-term purposes, the soil is stabilized with ECCO-Tex™ Soil Binder and PLAS-TEX™ Soil Stabilizer. At the next phase, erosion control is performed through hydroseeding with native plants, turf seeding and Stalon applications. Hydroseeding material, a slurry mixture of native seed mix, tactifier, and paper mulch, is essential in erosion control and for restoring and maintaining plant life. The two-step seeding process starts with an “A” seed mix applied over the area, acting as a base. Then a “B” seed mix, composed of a more protected, durable solution, is layered on top. The result is a much quicker germination process, with plants growing strong and healthy. In the case of I-580, over 112 hectares are scheduled to be hydroseeded. The rest of the area around the highway will be patterned with Permeon color mitigation system.

Soil-Tech is an environmental restoration and preservation company based in Las Vegas. It provides a full range of services, including dust control and erosion control, to meet environmentally sound construction needs of any scale. For more information, visit www.soil-tech.com.