Earth Restoration

Some argue that our earth may have the adaptive power to “take care of itself,” and this may be true. However, we should still do what we can to assist in protecting our environment and the earth’s healing process. Some people have given up trying to take care of our planet because, in a sense, it seems pointless. Large corporations dump their waste into our oceans, our foods are poisoned with chemicals, and our air is contaminated with carbon dioxide and other chemicals. But, because things are seemingly out of hand and out of our control, nowadays, certain businesses have dedicated their services solely to earth restoration. Companies like Soil Tech take on the task of land reclamation and landscape revival. They work with scientists to help develop solutions on how to restore areas of the earth that have been massively contaminated by human waste.

The earth restoration project probably began with one person’s determination to make a difference.  If you’re interested in earth restoration, remember that it can seem hopeless at times, but a single spark of inspiration has the power to create a domino effect - and with advances in communication, our message can now reach the ends of the earth and very quickly. It is our responsibility to dedicate a bit of time in our day to recycling, reducing, and reusing. We must also stay consistent with our routine and influence others through our own actions.

Earth restoration is about working together as a community, exercising, and changing our way of life so that we are not denying the affect of our actions and simply leaving it for others to solve.  We can also learn concepts of self responsibility and having compassion for everything around us. The earth restoration project will be one of the last idealistic philosophies that keep us together as a community because we all share the same home planet.

Although the Earth Restoration project focuses on methods on how to save our earth and how to better manage and maintain its natural resources, it also helps to bring people to a higher state of consciousness and awareness to transform their lifestyles from purposeless to purposeful. Today, we have the technology to combine the social and economic elements of our lives with the processes of our earth; what we don’t have is the cooperation.

There are many people out there who don’t know where to start or have already started by doing things like recycling, but they often times feel a sense of hopelessness. Some of us do what we can but sometimes think that it’s still not enough. For example, some recycling centers use more energy to recycle than if they were to manufacture a product, like a plastic container, out of raw materials. Stories like this discourage people from doing the right thing, but there is always a way to do more. One thing to do is to form or join a group that spends their free time cleaning up, for instance, like the Adopt a Highway clean up crew. Forming a group gives you the opportunity to share ideas with one another regarding earth restoration.  You should share these ideas with senators and congressmen and ask tem to create community discussion groups regarding earth restoration.