Habitat Restoration MacDonald Highlands

Custom homes at MacDonald Highlands, overlooking Las Vegas, sell for millions of dollars even during the economic crisis. Investors and home owners see value in their custom architecture, exclusivity of the gated community that surrounds them, and the sprawling views that open from their floor-to-ceiling windows. But the picture wouldn’t be complete without native desert landscape that is seamlessly integrated into this hill-side setting, showing commitment by the developer and the homeowners to sustainable earth-friendly practices and helping maintain high value of the properties.

Soil-Tech has participated in habitat restoration for MacDonald Highlands since the development first broke ground. As an environmental services company, Soil-Tech conducted an assessment and mapped out what native plants could be removed to the company’s nursery for reintroduction into the landscape after the end of construction. The practice continues with every new custom site. To achieve the “Desert Elegance” environment, the areas damaged by construction are revegetated with native drought- tolerant plants, restoring the natural beauty of the desert. The company uses its expertise and the newest techniques and products to ensure the successful habitat restoration, with affected land blooming with color sometimes in less than a year.

“Developers are catching on to the environmental benefits of using native revegetation on its sites as opposed to traditional landscaping, because once native plants and shrubs are replanted, there is minimal to no watering required,” noted Jerry Stanley, president and founder of Soil-Tech.

For more information on Soil-Tech as a habitat restoration expert and case studies of recent projects, as well as information on the full spectrum of environmental services provided by the company, visit www.soil-tech.com.