Habitat Restoration

Las Vegas-based habitat restoration company Soil-Tech is excited that Nevada State and federal agencies have united their efforts in preserving the habitats and formed the Nevada Partners for Conservation and Development (NevPCD.) It will provide coordinated leadership in resource management and public service in cooperation with property owners and users to meet the needs of current and future generations, The Ely Times reports.

The new entity has hired habitat staff consultant Dr. Lee Turner, who has background in upland and riparian habitat restoration, and brings experience with non-native plant and animal species eradication, as well as coordinating projects with agencies, private landowners and interest groups. He is known for his work with habitat projects in the Great Basin states and Colorado.

NevPCD's mission is to protect Nevada's biological diversity (both wildlife and vegetation), restore productive rangeland ecosystems to support wildlife and agriculture as well as provide high quality outdoor recreation opportunities. The NevPCD's biggest challenge is to combat the impacts of non-native annual grasses and pinyon-juniper encroachment into sagebrush.

As a company specializing in habitat restoration, Soil-Tech is thrilled that Nevada’s biodiversity is now given support on such high level. “It’s the matter of the mission and of the focus on the common good,” the Soil-Tech’s team noted. “We are all working towards a common goal of preserving and restoring natural habitats in our state.”

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