Land Reclamation Madeira Canyon

When the developers of the Madeira Canyon decided to preserve the environment that would otherwise have been damaged by construction, they chose Soil-Tech as their provider of Desert Restoration and Land Reclamation services. The company’s dedicated Native Resources division specializes in preservation and restoration of the desert and other natural environments and has remarkable experience in the area. The key is the intricate knowledge of the available resources and a robust system that helps restore the habitats quickly and efficiently.

The first step of the process is performing a site analysis of the area proposed for development to determine the native plant vegetation, its diversity and richness. Then we create a detailed plan for land reclamation and remove healthy, desirable plants to our onsite nursery until the area can be re-vegetated. After construction is completed, a special team moves in to restore the natural landscape, including swells, gullies and washes, before repopulating it with the salvaged and other non-irrigated plant material. In the case of Madeira canyon, the desert restoration efforts were successful that the project area became a natural habitat for desert species, as well as a great community recreation site.

Soil-Tech is an environmental restoration and preservation company based in Las Vegas. Through its Color Mitigation, Dust and Erosion Control and Native Resources divisions it is able to provide complete solutions for environmentally sound construction needs of any scale. For more information, visit