Rock Scars & Rock Stains

The audacious project of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge began in early 2005. The idea behind the overpass is to divert traffic off of the dam and speed up interstate travel between Arizona and Nevada. Anyone who has ever made the trip up Interstate 93 knows how cumbersome traveling over the Hoover Dam can be. Even on good days it takes 45 minutes to travel 2 miles. The overpass will cure this problem, as well as lower the threats of terrorism to Hoover Dam, which maintains the largest manmade reservoir in the United States.

One of the biggest environmental issues involved in the Hoover Dam Bypass project is the damage that is being done to the rocks in the canyon. In order to support the bridge, large columns had to be placed on the side of the canyon. This was done by using massive amounts of explosives to blast out platforms on which the columns could be placed. This not only causes damage at the epicenter of the explosion, but it also causes peripheral damage as rocks scatter and smash in to other areas of the canyon. The good news is; this damage is not irreparable.

If nature were allowed to take its natural course, it would take centuries for the rocks to return to their natural color and texture. The Federal Highway Administration hired the restoration services of Soil-Tech to help expedite the healing process. Soil-Tech uses their patented Permeon™ desert restoration technology to heal rock scars. This is an environmentally safe stain that does not contain any caustic chemicals. As Soil-Tech president Jerry Stanley put it, “Permeon will make the damaged areas seem untouched.”

Soil-Tech had workers repel down the sides of the Hoover Dam canyon and apply their Permeon™ rock stain to more that 1 million square feet of rock. Now, when you drive over the new Hoover Dam Bypass, you will see the canyon and rocks in all their natural beauty, appearing untouched by man’s ambitious construction methods.

Soil-Tech says they were proud to be a part of this project, and proud to help the environment maintain its natural beauty with their expert desert restoration services. Soil-Tech will continue to take on new projects, so be on the lookout for new, exciting news about what they decide to take on next!