Stay Out Of Abandoned Mines

Every year, dozens of people are injured or killed in recreational accidents on mine property. The allure of going into an abandoned mine is there. The problem is that there are odorless gasses that can poison the body without you realizing it. There have been cases where people have died 50 feet from the entrance of the mine. They were so close to the entrance, but didn’t have the strength to make it. Passing out due to these poisonous gasses is common. Anyone entering to save you has to have equipment to deal with the gas, or they will suffer the same fate.

Falling is also a risk you run, if you choose to enter an abandoned mine. An 18 year old fell into an approximately 600 foot shaft, and their body was never recovered. Clearly, the teen didn’t realize that there was a pitfall. The shafts can be at 70 to 80 degree angles, and one misstep traps you at the bottom. There is truly no good reason to take the risks associated with the thrill of seeing the interior of the mine.

The structural beams of abandoned mines have not been tested, or certified, by anyone. Decomposition is typical with these kids of structures, so there is absolutely no way to know when the mine might collapse. The risks far out way any exhilarating feeling you might get from entering. So, never enter an abandoned mine.
Poisonous gasses, deep shafts you can fall into, and weak structure are all good reasons never to enter an abandoned mine. All three of these risks are impossible to detect when you are not properly trained. Even mine professionals will tell you that mining is dangerous and that abandoned mines are death traps.

For this very reason, companies like Soil-tech, specialize in mine reclamation that makes an abandoned mine site look like it was never there in the first place. So, after a mine reclamation company works on an abandoned mine, no one is able to tell that there ever was a mine there in the first place. This work is both socially and environmentally conscious as it helps preserve the natural environment as well as saving people from the temptation to enter an incredibly unsafe abandoned mine.